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Website Design

Fresh Mango are the premium web design and web application development provider in the British Virgin Islands, working with diverse range of companies to provide a custom web based solution.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't outsource or website design or our website hosting - when you deal with us, you are dealing with the team that make your website, manage your web and email servers and provide support when the project is finished.

Web Design Techniques / Methodologies

At Fresh Mango we build our websites using the latest web design standards and techniques. We use ‘semantically correct’ HTML5 (which means we use HTML as it is supposed to be used – much rarer than you’d think) along with CSS for layout.
HTML5 is the most recent version of the code use to make websites. This has the following benefits:

Search Engine Optimization

Screenshot of search engine results

Not only are our websites developed to have minimal clutter (increasing your ratio of content to code - a search engine must-have), they also have truly unique code information (meta tags, title tags, etc.) which are key triggers for better search engine ranking.

Our website also form 'proper' URLS, integrating keywords in the web address

Responsive Design

The Fresh Mango website on a standard browser and a mobile phone

Websites designed using the latest standards can easily be ported over to different screen types or devices ( such as PDAs or SmartPhones ) with out creating a whole new version of the website.

Fresh Mango often utilize a new technique coined ‘Responsive Design’ in 2011 to produce websites that actually adapt to produce the best possible experience for the user, based on the device they are using (see our separate document ‘Response Web Design’ for more details).


Due to the fact that the design specifications for the website are stored seperately, many updates 'site wide' e.g. text font/colour, can be done in just a few seconds in a well constructed standards-based website, whether the website has 5 pages or 5000.

Fast Loading

After the user has visited the first page on a website, all the design elements of the website are cached, this means that every page the user browses after that first page only has to load the content - this makes for faster loading pages. In addition, as described above in the “Search Engine Optimization” section, much less code is needed to display the same content, meaning there is less code for a user to download before the page is visible.

Unlike many of our competitors, we strip out unncessary code and bulky external plugins, making our websites generally load a minimum of twice as fast on the first visit. This same technique makes a huge impact for user browser on cellular connections.

Social Networking

All of our websites include integration with popular social networking sites to ensure that the content can easily be shared, spreading your companies message as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.


A good analogy for the way we build our websites is that they are ‘hand crafted’. We don’t use any pre-built templates or off the shelf solutions so you’ll never see a design just like yours elsewhere on the Internet. We also painstakingly work on the details of your website, the effects of which for visitors are a simple more intuitive experience with a website that is easy to use and simple to navigate. Wherever possible we will also ‘touch up’ any photos provided if required, adjusting contrast, colour, rotation, etc. to make the most of your imagery.