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Remotely Accessing a PC with LogMeIn

At Fresh Mango we use a tool called LogMeIn to remotely access customers computers and servers, enabling us to provide support instantly from our desks.

An additional benefit we pass on free of charge to all of our customers is the ability to access their own computers via the same system, this can be a little bit confusing as there are at least two usernames and passwords required for this, this article aims to clarify the difference:

Logging In To Your LogMeIn Account

LogMeIn WebsiteIn order to give you access to our LogMeIn 'system' we invite you to open a guest account (again, free of charge - we foot the bill for this).  Once you have created this account, you go to the LogMeIn website to login to it (  

This guest account only logs you in to your LogMeIn Account in our system - it cannot also log you in to your PC because your LogMeIn Account with us may have several computers in it for you to choose from (for example your work PC, your home PC, your server, etc.).

The username (which is the email address we sent the invitation to) and your password are managed by you, we cannot see the password you set nor can we reset it for you.  

What If I Forget My Password?

If you forget the password for your LogMeIn Account, you must click the 'Forgot Your Password' link on the LogMeIn website ( - click the image above to see the link) and an email will be sent to your email address - this is the only way to reset your password for your LogMeIn Account.


Logging In To Your Your Computer Via Your LogMeIn Account

Once you have logged in to your LogMeIn Account you will have the option to remotely control one or more computers.

When you click on a computer, you are asked to provide a username and password - this is whatever username and password you use to access that computer when you are sat in front of it.

If you don't have a username and password for your computer (you really should for security!) - for example on a home PC - you will have been asked for an access code when you installed the PC, this will need to be entered instead of the username and password.

Whats this 'Domain' Stuff Mean?

If the computer you are accessing is on a business network and you have a network server, you may well be asked for username, password and domain.  This is the name used to ringfence all the security settings, users and permissions on your company network, it is often just the shortest way of writing your company name with no spaces or symbols, for example  Costa Coffee Trading might be just COSTA.  Generally you only need to remember this once as you can ask your LogMeIn Account to remember the login details for the computer you are trying to access.

What If I Forget My Password (or Login Details)

If you forget the password, login details or domain (if required) for the computer you are trying to access, you must contact whoever manages this computer or manages your business network.  Remember however that this login is whatever login you use for that computer if you are say in front of it - on a business network this will be your Company Network Login.




Written by Bob McKay